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The World’s Choice: Türkiye

Artistic Aesthetic, as an agency specialized in health tourism from Germany to Turkey, offers an innovative solution for you.
Health tourism is a sector that has become increasingly popular today. Turkey is a prominent destination in this field with its quality health services, specialist doctors and modern facilities. Turkey has become an international choice in terms of health tourism with its various treatment options, tourist attractions and affordable cost advantages.
Turkey offers a significant price advantage compared to Europe in the quality healthcare services it offers. Health services in Turkey in many areas such as plastic surgery, dental treatments, eye operations are offered at more affordable costs. This is related to the low overall cost of living as well as healthcare facilities with high quality standards. Since treatment costs are generally higher in Europe, health tourism in Turkey has become attractive to international patients looking for both economical and effective treatment alternatives.

With Artistic Aesthetic,

Flexible Payment Options

Artistic Aesthetic cooperates with a reliable financial institution that offers affordable and flexible payment options for your aesthetic operations in Turkey. You no longer have to postpone your aesthetic dreams. Thanks to the loan you will receive from the institution we cooperate with, you can cover your operation costs easily and in installments.
With Artistic Aesthetic, you can achieve the beauty of your dreams faster and have easier payment. You can finance your ghost treatment for up to €30,000. Thus, you can get the treatment you dream of quickly and easily. You can achieve your dream without exceeding your budget by paying for your surgery with the small amounts you plan.

Our advantages:
·Advantageous interest rates
·Loan approval within 48 hours
·Flexible repayment advantage
·Installment option up to 60 months
·Financing opportunities up to €30,000
Who can apply:
·Self-employed people
·Interns (during training period only)
·Students with part-time jobs
·Those over 18 years of age
·Residing in Germany,
·Having a bank account in Germany
·Regular income
·No negative Schufa record (crediting score)
With Artistic Aesthetic, you can immediately make a non-binding financing inquiry by clicking the button below to achieve the aesthetics of your dreams faster and benefit from easy payment options.

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