As Artistic Aesthetic, we care about your health and satisfaction. That’s why we cooperate with Turkey’s leading hospitals and doctors. As a company, our priority is to keep the satisfaction of the health or aesthetic services you will receive in Turkey at the highest level, and we are constantly working to move forward and improve ourselves in this regard.

The hospitals we partner with in Turkey are equipped with the latest technology treatment devices, and our physicians have medical and surgical experience that will enable you to have the desired beauty. However, apart from the quality of the Clinic or Hospital and the experience of the doctor, there is always the possibility of postoperative complications in all surgeries performed in the field of health due to various reasons. Although conditions requiring medical treatments are covered by health insurance, the situation may be different in Aesthetic operations and Plastic Surgery. Since aesthetic operations are not medically mandatory and are a voluntary treatment option, the treatment of complications that may occur after these operations is not covered by health insurance in most cases.

Costs incurred as a result of complications may vary depending on the type of treatment applied. The price of the treatment applied, such as the price of the materials used, anesthesia costs, hospital accommodations, and implant prices, causes the price to vary.

Our partners at Medassure specialize in offering insurance coverage for follow-up treatment costs. With the Complication and Follow-up Insurance offered to Artistic Aesthetic clients through Medassure, you will not have to pay these financial burdens on your own.

Complication and Follow-up Insurance, which will be created by Medassure and our company, is offered free of charge to Artistic Aesthetic clients for 1 year. Again, thanks to our partnership, your Complication and Follow-up Insurance can be extended for up to 5 years at affordable prices, upon your request.

Artistic Aesthetic clients benefit from this insurance without the need for any action or extra payment.

You just dream of the new look you want and concentrate on your new life. As the Artistic Aesthetic team, we work for your health, satisfaction and comfort before and after the operation.

An artistic touch to your beauty.